Even if you are able to save $10 a week, it is still a good start. 500 bucks is what you will save on an annual basis. The small amount is only cash you have chosen not to spend. Without a doubt, you can find several ways to save money, and in the end, have a lot when all is said and done. It may become difficult for you to save money, especially if your financial situation is not the best. It is so important to take action, and to stay positive with your goal to save money.

Many things can cause your car to have reduced gas mileage. When you take into account the price of gasoline, you can see how important it is to get the best gas mileage you can from your vehicle. What can you do? Keep the oil changed in your vehicle and have it tuned up periodically.

Basically, for those of you are “automobile challenged”, a tune up consists of changing out the spark plugs. There’s a good chance that your car won’t need a tune up for a while, as they aren’t necessary frequently. However, you need to get a tune up if you car has 50,000 miles on it. The recommended mileage between oil changes is 3500 miles, but you can generally extend that by an additional 1000 miles with no reduction in your gas mileage.

In most cases, we pay people to haul our trash or way every single week. Most trash sites will discount how much you pay if you bring a considerable amount at one time instead of a bag or two. You need to recycle some things like plastic and aluminum, and not throw away things like metal or paper. Many services will actually take this from you at no cost whatsoever. You will have far less trash when you start recycling, which will definitely help you in the long run. The monthly trash collector won’t have to be paid as much because of this. This will also be your contribution to the environment by lessening your carbon footprint by quite a bit. You can both save yourself some cash, and preserve the environment, by going green. Don’t you feel great!

We’ve all used ATM machines here and there, but you really want to limit that as much as you can. You know they charge a small fee, and then your card or bank will charge their little fee. Over the course of a month, you can see how quickly these fees can add up. You could actually cost yourself $40 a month by using your ATM a couple different times a week. The amount will be just right after making a few adjustments. If you can limit your ATM use to a few times a month, or not use it at all, you’ll be better off. It may not seem like a lot of money, but it is almost $500 a year. There is a lot of different ways to save money on your purchases, but the first thing you need is to have the correct “money saving” mindset. If you never think about doing it, then you’ll end up spending it. Don’t fall into the trap that a lot of people do when they first decide to explore saving money on their purchases. They may look at the saving on a single item and figure it isn’t significant – so why bother? This is faulty reasoning. Simply by starting to pay attention to your cash flow, you will see the savings – no matter how small – mount up.

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